I am ready to serve you and your home building needs, whether it is a vacation home, retirement home or waterfront home. I take great pride in knowing that the services that I provide to my customers, whether it’s plan designing to obtaining town permits, can eliminate some of the stress or guesswork that can go along with building a new home. A typical new construction project includes the following:

  • Site work, which may include clearing trees from the lot, cutting a rough unfinished driveway, placing stakes to mark where the house will be situated on the lot and hooking up temporary electricity service.
  • Excavation and foundation, which may include digging a hole for the foundation, setting and pouring the foundation, installing plumbing pipes, pouring the concrete floor of the home, digging trenches for utility lines, waterproofing the basement walls and grading.
  • Framing, which may include installing beams, erecting a wood structure and installing windows and exterior doors.
  • Roofing and exterior work, which may include applying roofing materials and installing siding, an outdoor deck, rain gutters and a garage door.
  • Mechanicals, which may include installing plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems, running wiring for telephones, cable television and an intercom and placing pipes for a central vacuum.
  • Interior finish work, which may include installing insulation, installing and finishing drywall, painting and staining, and installing cabinets, counter tops, hard surface floor coverings, baseboards and built-in appliances.
  • Trim, which may include hanging interior doors, attaching window trims, installing fireplaces and mantles, setting plumbing fixtures, installing light switches and electrical outlets, hanging electrical fixtures, setting heating registers, thermostats and heating/cooling unit and installing face plates for the central vacuum, intercom, cable television and telephone outlets.
  • Final work, which may include installing carpet padding and carpets, cleaning the exterior and interior of the home, finishing the driveway and landscaping and completing any miscellaneous fix-up work on the entire home.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project and receive a free estimate.